Chiropractic Testimonials

My Back Pain is Gone

"I am a long time software programmer. Back pain is not uncommon in the computer field, but I never thought I would need chiropractic treatment someday. I was able to do all my everyday activities without problems. One night while working late, pain struck me hard in my back. It paralyzed my legs and left me crawling for two days. I thank God for His providence during this time of suffering. He also directed me to a great Chiropractic team here. A few adjustments later, my back pain is gone and I now live each day more thankfully and with more mobility."

- Louis

I Am Pain-Free and Have More Energy

"Before Chiropractic I had reduced my exercise program to stationary biking, stretching and mild strength training because in the past 4 years I had experienced neck pain that flared up on a regular basis. Since receiving Chiropractic treatment on a regular basis (once per week) I have upgraded my workouts to using the elliptical machine for cardio, no pain in my stretching program and I am now doing weight training for strength: my strength has improved and I experience no pain at all during or after exercising. I am pain-free and have more energy to live a full and very active lifestyle. I appreciate the education I receive in relation to Chiropractic care and how to lead a healthy, drug-free lifestyle."

- Suzanne

I’ve Noticed A Big Change

"Since starting Chiropractic care about 2.5 years ago I’ve noticed a big change in my life’s habits: my knee joints have improved and I don’t depend on the cane as much. I feel more confident in walking. I have more energy to walk and do not tire so easily. I’ve been walking 2/3 of a mile or so and don’t feel tired or need to stop for a pit break. I highly recommend this treatment to anyone with physical health problems. I thank God for using Chiropractic in the improvement of my health!"

- Violet

Working at the Computer Became a Very Painful Experience

"Before coming to Chiropractic, years of computer work for extended periods of time each day caused my spine and neck to be badly out of alignment. As a result, working at the computer became a very painful daily experience. Pains in the shoulder migrated during the day to the neck, and eventually a numbness and tingling sensation would occur in my legs. After 5 weeks of adjustments, all the above symptoms have disappeared!"

- Larry

I Sleep So Well I Don't Want to Wake Up!

"I had chronic back pain and a sleep disorder. My back was so painful that I could not bend and had difficulty walking. I took pain medicine, but my back pain would reoccur. I had trouble sleeping and was prescribed sleeping pills to help my insomnia. I decided to learn more about my spine and found that it is important for me to get it fixed! Months later after Chiropractic treatment, my health is improved. My back pain has disappeared and I sleep so well that I don’t want to wake up! I recommend everyone get their spinal cords checked! I have a new freedom and my life is whole once again!"

- Pin

I Suffered From Neck, Shoulder, Back and Chest Pain

"Before I started Chiropractic care, I suffered from neck, shoulder, back and chest pain. I also suffered from insomnia. Since receiving care, I’m able to strengthen my shoulders in order to better my active lifestyle and to better my progress in rock climbing. I know stand straighter, more erect with my shoulders back. My head is aligned with my spine."

- Bryan

I Was Able to Stop Wearing The Hip Brace

"When I starting coming for Chiropractic treatment, I was only getting 2-5 hours of sleep a night. I was wearing a hip brace because I fell down the stairs and my pain was getting worse. With my first neck adjustment, I was able to stop wearing the hip brace and that night I slept though the whole night. I am progressing all the time and most nights I am sleeping through the night."

- Diane

No More Fear, No More Pain

"I came in very afraid. I wouldn’t let anyone touch my neck, I was afraid they would break it! I was having problems with my knees, I would get injections for them that were expensive and hurt my stomach. Every time the pain came back, I would have to buy more, I couldn’t afford it! Now, after being under care, I can walk properly. I can stand up quickly, the pain in my knees has disappeared! I feel something very special with the Chiropractic treatment I receive. I can’t express the thanks I feel for what has been done, I will always remember and be thankful. I’m not afraid of falling down the stairs anymore, it doesn’t hurt to go up or down anymore. No more fear, no more pain."

- Aurora

I Now Feel Young Again

"Prior to Chiropractic I had major problems in my upper neck and lower back. I had muscle spasms and would often be in bed with different muscle relaxants, unable to function with my daily tasks. Those medications would cause even more problems. They didn’t cure the causes but only the symptoms. I was in very bad shape when I first learned of Chiropractic. In my state I had nothing to lose. My pain decreased and slowly but surely I regained my strength, energy and my smile. I now feel young again. If only more people knew how wonderful you can feel. Don’t be a walking medicine cabinet, instead determine the underlying reason or cause for your condition. Don’t rely on artificial chemicals for temporary cover-ups. Why not have a better, longer and healthier existence?"

- Carol

Life Without Headaches Is Wonderful

"I used to suffer from chronic migraines and low back pain. I was hesitant to try Chiropractic care, which I was introduced to by my father. My life has dramatically changed. I can run errands for hours at a time and walk my dog for hours without experiencing lower back pain. Life without headaches is wonderful! I don’t have back pain at the end of the day when I lay in bed. I rarely experience headaches anymore and never to the extent that I used to. I had been experiencing blinding migraine headaches since I was 12 years old. I am now 21 and I feel amazing!"

- Caitlin

I Feel More Relaxed

"I am now able to do my regular housework without difficulty. I am walking more uprightly and not using a walking cane. I feel more relaxed and able to deal with stress better. I also sleep better and awake more refreshed."

- Isabelle

My Posture. . . Wow Incredible!

"Prior to Chiropractic, I had back pain and neck pain often and had problems sitting for long hours while studying. I was introduced to Chiropractic by my mother, who had severe back pain and sometimes would lie in bed for weeks. But when she started Chiropractic care, she wasn’t lying in bed anymore, she was healthy and energetic, the healthy mom she was when I was younger. This is when I realized that going to the chiropractor was a good investment. I’m a student, so for me, sitting down and concentrating for long hours was very tough. My neck and back used to hurt so much. But now, since starting care, I can concentrate more and have more energy. My posture... wow, incredible! I am straighter, look healthier and more than that, I’m half an inch taller!"

- Amelie

Problems Can Be Treated Without Drugs

"I was worried that my constant neck pain would lead to more serious damage later on. Correcting my spine gave me more confidence. I find that fixing a problem is better than just treating it for a while until it returns. I am impressed that problems can be treated without the use of any drugs."

- Devon

No More Allergies

"I had problems with allergies and painful menstruation cramps. I have more energy now after being under care for the past year and half. No more allergies and my menstruation cramps are gone too! My posture has improved and I am more conscious of trying to have proper posture."

- Rebecca

My Life Has Changed Drastically

"I have suffered for years with Crohn’s disease, Colitis, Celiac and depression. Before I started Chiropractic care, I was constantly drained. I would get up and 2 hours later be sleeping again on the couch. I looked so pale and my eyes were sunken in. I was in constant pain from my back to my stomach. I had so little energy to go through a full day. Now, since receiving care for the last month, my life has changed drastically. I have so much energy now, I can go a full day without a nap. I have less pain and my Crohn’s disease is vastly improved. I have more colour in my face and I’ve even started losing weight. I am feeling like myself again."

- Nat

Life Is Good Again

"I used to suffer from severe migraines that would keep me in bed for days. I was also diagnosed with severe carpal tunnel in both arms and was losing my grip in my left hand. The pain was so bad it would wake me in the middle of the night. In the morning, I used to take pain killers before I even got out of bed for my back. Since receiving Chiropractic care, my migraines are gone and my back no longer is in constant pain. I have mobility back in my hands. I can play with my kids and do my work around the house without having to worry about the consequences. Life is good again!"

- Lisa

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