Symptom Care


“I feel fine, I must be healthy”

One of the most dangerous lies people believe today is that the absence of symptoms equates to health in the body. The human body is a master at coping with disease, and will do it’s best to ensure you are feeling as well as possible. As the spine breaks down, it can have very significant amounts of damage without many symptoms.

Everyone with teeth should have a Dental checkup. Everyone with a spine should have a Chiropractic checkup, regardless of whether symptoms are present or not.


“The pain is gone now, so I must be fine”

The pain going away does not necessarily mean that the problem is gone. Pain, stiffness, loss of range of motion, and episodes of symptoms from time to time, all indicate a problem.

Treating symptoms without addressing the cause of the problem is similar to a fireman turning off your smoke alarm without putting out the fire! Many people spend a lifetime taking away symptoms without ever correcting the cause of the problem.

Some people also use Chiropractors like they do painkillers. They see them often enough to take away their pain or symptoms, but not enough to truly fix their problem. It is bad to make yourself feel comfortable while you get worse, rather than correcting the underlying problem!

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