Our Mission

Upper Cervical After X-Ray
Upper Cervical Before X-Ray

Our mission is the prevention of disease, rather than disease care.

Our goal is avoiding spinal degeneration by performing spinal check-ups early in life.

Our care is focused on fully correcting damage, instead of only relieving symptoms.

Our commitment is to reach the many families of our community, leading them to maximized living.

Our vision for Ottawa is a community where every child is checked at birth for spinal damage, and followed throughout life to prevent degeneration and nerve interference.


Compassion is the foundation for all our action. Many people don’t even know they’re sick. Many are suffering and don’t know where to turn. Compassion is love in action, caring enough to share where to find health.


What if the solution was found before the problem? The answer is found in creation. The power that made your body also heals your body! Health and wellness comes from good stewardship of the spine and body.

It’s important to understand why people grow sick, what sends 1/3 of our families and friends to nursing homes by the age of 65, and what kills 5 out of 6 people you know – before their time! Many people are oblivious to the damage in their spine. Many wait for neck and back pain, or headaches before they act. Often, however, these symptoms will not occur until there is advanced spinal degeneration.

Vertebral subluxation (misalignment) interferes with your communication line (the spinal cord), which is responsible for all function, healing, and repair in your body. This pressure and interference with the nerve system causes sickness and disease in the body.


Restoring alignment and function stops degeneration and reconnects the brain with the body. With full nerve supply the body will function, heal, and re-create maximally, leading to maximized living! Healing is the result of 100% of the power God put in your body reaching every organ, tissue, and cell in your body!


Health is foundational for every good thing in life. When you are truly healthy, you are free to accomplish your true purpose in life! Our desire to help you find freedom today!

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