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Do Miracles Still Happen?

April 23, 2019

Do Miracles Still Happen? One patient was diagnosed with blockages in her heart two months ago. There were discussions of heart surgery. She was put on medications and scheduled for a followup. After she told me this, I prayed simply, “heart be healed in Jesus name”. Her fear left and she was at peace. When…

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Dreams to Goals

January 16, 2019

Dreams to Goals At the Warrior Coaching Dreams to Goals seminar last week, they played an inspirational video by Arnold Schwarzenegger. It was inspiring to me, and I hope it is to you as well. Arnold Schwarzenegger has always lived by his own rules. He was repeatedly told “you can’t” as he tried to achieve…

Chiropractor Orleans ON David Covey

Christmas Gift of Health

December 4, 2018

Christmas Gift of Health THANK YOU FOR THE CARDS YOU’VE SENT OUT! Our Christmas Gift of Health is underway. Thank you to all who’ve already referred people here for checkups. What a fantastic way to help friends and family grow healthy! And it’s an awesome deal! The checkup and first 2 weeks of care FREE,…

Autumn in Orleans ON

Changing Seasons

November 8, 2018

Changing Seasons Isn’t autumn a great time of year for reflection? Autumn, the perfect transition from summer to winter…a season of change, and beauty. Where is this coming from you ask? Spoiler alert – it isn’t the clock change! This last weekend we were at a training seminar in Toronto. At New Freedom Chiropractic, we…


Why First, How Follows!

September 24, 2018

Why First, How Follows! Do you ever get those images on a chain message where instead of deleting the message you keep staring at it? This is what happened to me with this image. It reminded me of WHY we do what we do at New Freedom Chiropractic. It reminded me of WHY we practice…

Chick Next to Boots


August 23, 2018

Happiness Between the last blog and now, I searched happiness on google and this was the result: About 684,000,000 results (0.46 seconds) This didn’t make me too happy! Want to know why? Our brain craves certainty and the feelings of being right. Our brain loves to feel in control and our brain tries to avoid…