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Arnold Schwarzenegger

At the Warrior Coaching Dreams to Goals seminar last week, they played an inspirational video by Arnold Schwarzenegger. It was inspiring to me, and I hope it is to you as well.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has always lived by his own rules. He was repeatedly told "you can't" as he tried to achieve his goals in life, but he managed to shove away the doubt and the distractions of all the naysayers to become who he is today.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was a non-native English speaker who emigrated from Austria, became a bodybuilder, succeeded as an entrepreneur, became a movie star, and the governor of California. Many people have asked Arnold Schwarzenegger, "How did you do it"? His answer comes to him with very little effort. He succeeded because he believed he could accomplished his goals, and he fought tooth and nail to prove to anyone who told him he couldn't.

Given a commencement address to the graduating class at the University of Southern California. Arnold Schwarzenegger's motivational speech went viral, quickly being dubbed Arnold Schwarzenegger's six rules of Success.

1. Trust Yourself
Arnold Schwarzenegger's motivational speech began with needing to trust yourself. You have to understand what you want and not what your teacher, mother, father or friends want you to do. Arnold knew from an early age he wanted to be the greatest bodybuilder of all time.
His parents wanted him to be a police officer, marry a girl named Heidi, have loads of children and live on a mountain like the von Trapp family in "The Sound of Music". Arnold Schwarzenegger, needless to say, had other plans. He wanted to get out of Austria, go to America and be a champion. He trusted himself, created a vision of what he wanted to achieve and went after it.

2. Break the Rules
During his motivational speech, Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke about the inspiration he received from the example of one of his friends named Franco Columbo. Columbo, was a 5 foot, 5 inches bodybuilder who wanted to be a world champion. Despite the trend of crowning only the tall and big guys with titles, such as Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympia. But Franco Columbo broke the rules, entered the competitions anyway and won Mr. Universe three times, Mr. World and even went on to win Mr. Olympia twice!
Many people told Arnold Schwarzenegger he couldn't be an actor. The rule was actors with accents couldn't be leading men, so he broke the rule. Arnold Schwarzenegger took acting classes, English classes and accent removal classes. He worked hard and eventual became a leading man.

3. Don't be Afraid to Fail
The third step in Arnold Schwarzenegger's motivational speech is that you have to take some risks, in order to succeed. Even if this means you might fail. When Arnold Schwarzenegger was bench pressing 400 lbs and wanted to move up to 420 lbs, he knew fear of failing would stop him from trying an increase in weight. Winners always get up, dust themselves off and keep going. A failure is someone who falls and never gets back up, says Schwarzenegger.

4. Take No Notice of the Naysayers
During his motivational speech Arnold Schwarzenegger admits that if he had listened to the people in Austria who told him he couldn't, he would still be in Austria, right in the Alps, yodeling. As a 15 year old, whenever Arnold Schwarzenegger told people he wanted to be a champion bodybuilder, there was always someone who told him it was impossible. Bodybuilding, at the time in Austria, was perceived as an "American sport." Many people believed that Arnold Schwarzenegger would be better off as a skier, cyclist or a track and field champion, since that was what they did there.
Arnold Schwarzenegger gave another example during his motivational speech about ignoring the naysayers when he came face to face with a similar problem during his run for governor of California. He was told he couldn't become a governor until he had been elected as the mayor, to the city council, a state senator. Once Arnold Schwarzenegger had secured those offices then, just maybe, he could run for governor. Arnold Schwarzenegger didn't listen to them, ran for governor, was elected governor of California two months later and the rest is history.

5. Work Hard
As with any good motivational speech on success, there is always a part about the necessity of working hard. Arnold Schwarzenegger highlighted how successful people spend their time. He explained in his motivational speech that there are 24 hours in a day. You sleep 6 hours, and there are 18 hours left. Most people work 8-10 hours, which leaves about 10 hours left. Many people's excuse for not working out is because they can't find the time. If you just save 30-45 minutes a day to work out, you can have the time. It's important to use those 24 hours in a day wisely. You have to work hard to become successful, because there are no shortcuts.

6. Give Something Back
Arnold Schwarzenegger's motivational speech concluded with the importance of giving back. To help others on their roads to success. He explained that everybody needs a helping hand every now and again. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger thanks the people who helped him on his road to success in show business, politics and the rest. Arnold Schwarzenegger returns the favor by helping others. He has established after school programs, helps with the Special Olympics and takes a stand in environmental issues.

Success requires risk and failure is a part of risking. Don't be afraid to go for it, attempt the impossible, to achieve your dreams. You must work hard to achieve those dreams, to do what is impossible otherwise. What are you going to fail at this year?

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