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Children, Brain Development and Chiropractic Care, Part 4

Children, Brain Development and Chiropractic Care, Part 4

Chiropractic for children in Orleans ON


Having newborns sleep on their back all the time deforms the skull, causing brachiocephaly, or a flattening of the back of the skull and a bald patch.

Cosmetics aside, this affects brain development, affects TMJ and facial development, delays mental development and decreases tone. It was shocking to learn of links between brachiocephaly and autism!


When we are developing in the uterus, our spinal cord forms from the mid-point of our neck at C4. This area in the neck has the greatest collection of mechanoreceptors in the spine and is critical for brain development.

The side-to-side motion of lifting and turning the head is very important for newborns to develop head and vestibular (inner ear & balance) control. Tummy time, prone sleeping, and baby wearing causes this sided to side motion, causing development of both sides of the brain.

In kids, this side to side motion, in things like rolling around, playing soccer, playing catch with a ball or hockey, is also critical in brain and spine development. By the second year of life, children should have 32 degrees of a curve in their neck.

We are both blessed with young children. The pediatric neurology course offered me tools to check and help our children with their brain, spine and health and development.

Bottom line - for children to be healthy and develop mentally and physically, they need a healthy, functioning spine and nerve system! Our primary goal is to remove subluxation in the spine, improve tone and brain-body communication.


Our children need MOVEMENT to be healthy. Bipedalism - WALKING - is the most complex activity known, and is critical for brain development. Unplug from the computers, tv, video games, and sitting at our desks, and GET MOVING! Get up and go do something together with your family!

If you are a parent, we encourage you to bring in your children to check their spine and spinal tone. Would you consider sharing this with another parent? Bring in this email and we will do the exam at our expense, with no obligation to start care. We want your children to be healthy, fully alive, and all they were created to be!

Stop Suffering, Start Living, Find Freedom!

Dr. Omar Pervez, DC

Dr. David Covey, DC
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P.S. BRAIN TEASER: Fill in the blanks! This side of your brain is responsible for language, problem solving, filling in missing information, and reasoning. This side of the brain develops from age 3-6, and is the _____ side of the brain.

This side of the brain is responsible for right versus wrong, emotions and helps to understand other people's emotional state. This side of the brain is the ____ side of the brain and develops from the age of 0-3 years of life.

Share your answers with us at the clinic!

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