Changing Seasons

Autumn in Orleans ON

Isn't autumn a great time of year for reflection?

Autumn, the perfect transition from summer to winter…a season of change, and beauty.

Where is this coming from you ask? Spoiler alert - it isn't the clock change!

This last weekend we were at a training seminar in Toronto. At New Freedom Chiropractic, we are committed to ongoing training in order to provide the best corrective care for your spine.

Six times a year we travel for ongoing education, and last weekend's training was in Toronto.

On our drive to Toronto, we saw the full array of autumn in all its beautiful splendor. Majestic trees changing colours from luscious greens to amazing auburns, and rich reds. The briskness in the air is a reminder that, not too long from now, the autumn foliage will be covered by glistening snow. Yet, soon after winter, the trees and their well-functioning roots, will spring once again with beautiful lush leaves and flowers.


As a chiropractor, on reflection of this great change, I kept going over in my mind the changes in the spine over time. Typically, prolonged sitting, postural stress and old injuries create breakdown in the spine. This damage leads to changes that have lasting impact on lifestyle, function and relationships. Yet this damage is preventable! And in many cases, breakdown can be reversed, provided your nerves and spinal cord are healthy and well-functioning.

I thought about the changes in my spine, and how it has affected my life and health over the last year. What affected me in particular has been moving to a new house, the birth of my son, and my ongoing physical training.


Because I care so much about you, I wondered about you, your story, your summer triumphs. How has your spine changed with care over your last year? At New Freedom, we would love to hear your story of change and what it has meant for you!

You are invited to help us help others, by sharing your amazing story, your health changes below. Would you consider sharing your experience in a Google review (click here)?

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