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Are You Ready for 2020?

Are You Ready for 2020?

Dreams To Goals

Most of the world will enter 2020 with a hangover and then start planning for the new year. But my coaches have taught that to be successful for the next quarter, I must put a plan in place ahead of time. That's why Warriors start their 2020 Quarter 1 December 1st, 2019!

No Success Without a Written Plan
No one is successful in building a large building without a blueprint. Your Chiropractic care is not successful without goals, outcomes, and a plan to correct your spine and see that you get well.

Your life will not be successful without a plan either! Taking the time every year to get alone, to be still, to evaluate your life, your successes, and your failures.

No Success Without Perseverance
Failure, by the way, is critical to success. If there is no risk of failure, then you are shooting too low and not fulfilling your purpose. Great people fail often as they are shooting for great things. It is okay to fail! We all fail.

Dream BIG! FAIL Big. Get Up, Repeat, Succeed!
It is not okay to stay down. Only losers stay down. In this life you will have adversity and troubles. Do not quit on the dreams and visions you have had in the past! A big part of success is perseverance!

Top 12 Beliefs That Stop My Dreams

  1. Believe in overnight success. I have to grow to do my dream, and growth takes time.
  2. Believe it is hard only for me. If it was easy, everyone would do it.
  3. Believe I should not be afraid. It's okay to be afraid. It's not okay to be led by my fears.
  4. Believe only my dreams matter. My growth as part of the process is what matters.
  5. Believe a battle does not exist. There will be opposition to my dreams.
  6. Believe the battle is outside of me. My greatest battle is within me.
  7. Believe it is too late.
  8. Believe our purpose in life is to be comfortable and independent. The best life is uncomfortable and dependent on God and others.
  9. Believe it is time to settle.
  10. Believe life is all about me. The relationships with people are what matter most.
  11. Believe I won't fail.
  12. Believe the problem is outside me.

Top Beliefs to Follow My Dreams

  1. Gratitude: I cannot do my dreams without the help of others.
  2. Multiplication: I am not to maintain. I am here to multiply.
  3. Perseverance: I will fall. I am okay with failing. I will get up.
  4. Dream: I dream big, but I step small.
  5. Full-Out: I am whole-heartedly engaged, focused on the vision.
  6. Excellence: I am not perfect, but I strive for excellence in all I do.
  7. Character: I live a principled life, above, down, inside, out.
  8. Loving Service - I am Jesus hands and feet as I serve with the gifts I have been given.
  9. Training: I train, train, train - to transform my world.
  10. Simplicity: I achieve more by doing less.
  11. Authentic: I saying the real thing, not the right thing.
  12. Community: we all fall, but we help each other up.
  13. 1st Love: I seek to honour God above all.

Get To - or Have To?
My big takeaway this year was a reminder that the dream was what I was created for. But often, the dream can become a burden in the work. I need to remember often, that yesterday is past. Tomorrow is not certain. Today is the best day ever, it is all I have. Today I don't have to go to work. Today I get to work on my dream!

Vision Board
Take some time to dream and write out your dreams and goals before this year is out. Create a vision board with pictures of what you want to see in this coming year. Not stuff that will not last, but growing the people in relationship around you.

Stop Suffering, Start Living, Find Freedom!

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